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About Mermaid Chart

Mermaid ChartMermaid Chart was born out of the Mermaid open source project and was founded by Knut Sveidqvist together with Open Core Ventures. The lead developers from Mermaid have joined the company and there is a strong connection between the project we all love and Mermaid Chart. Mermaid Chart brings resources to the open source development of mermaid and makes it possible to work with Mermaid professionally. The functionality in Mermaid will remain open source and the additional development provided by Mermaid Chart will make Mermaid better by fixing bugs and adding additional functionality. Mermaid Chart supports Mermaid heavily but is not a charity and for the fruitful cross pollination with the project to work we will add additional Commercial services on top of Mermaid. By using these services you can help to support the project giving it funding to add more developers etc.

About Knut Sveidqvist

Knut SveidqvistKnut Sveidqvist has been in the software industry for over 20 years in roles spanning all the way from architecture, to development and from product ownership to managing development teams. A common theme in all these roles is the need for good documentation. This inspired Knut to create Mermaid and to start the Mermaid open-source project. The main goal with the project was and still is to make it more fun and efficient to write technical documentation. Ever since Knut created Mermaid he has continued to work with the project and has now taken the next step on this journey by Founding Mermaid Chart and working with Mermaid full time.