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How to Use the New Comments Feature in Mermaid Chart

·3 mins

How to Use the New “Comments” Feature in Mermaid Chart

At Mermaid Chart, we’re big fans of fostering clear communication and seamless collaboration within your teams.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the arrival of our brand new “Comments” feature!

Ever felt the need to provide specific feedback on a diagram? Perhaps you have a question about a step in a flowchart or want to share a thought on a process flow. Traditionally, you might have to fire up Slack or Teams to reach out to your colleagues. Not anymore; Mermaid Chart comments are here to bridge the gap and keep your collaboration organized.

With Comments, you can now add annotations to your Mermaid Chart diagrams. This makes it easier than ever to provide targeted feedback, ask clarifying questions, or spark discussions around your visuals. Best of all, you don’t have to leave Mermaid Chart to do it.

Let’s dive into how the new Comments feature works. Or if you’re more of a visual learner, check out this quick demo video from our founder, Knut Sveidqvist. How to make comments in Mermaid Chart If you’ve ever used the commenting functionality of Google Docs, you’ll feel right at home with Mermaid Chart’s version.

The process is quick and easy:

Comments panel

Click on the comment icon in the top right corner of the editor. This will open the comments panel and allow you to get started.

Add comments

Add a comment by typing your thoughts in the text field at the bottom of the comments panel. Click the arrow to upload your comment. You can also submit your comment by pressing the return key on your keyboard.

Reply to existing comments

Reply to existing comments from your colleagues by typing in the “Add a reply” field underneath each comment.

Edit or delete comments

Edit or delete comments by tapping on the ellipsis (…) icon next to the comment.

Resolve comments

Resolve comments by clicking on the checkmark. You can find all old comments by toggling over to the “Resolved” tab within the panel. All live comments can be found on the “Active” side of the panel.

Search for comments

Search for comments by typing a word or phrase into the search input field.

We designed the Comments functionality to be super easy to learn and use. There’s so much more to learn about Mermaid Chart syntax and different diagram types, so check out our docs site for more helpful info. Ready to start collaborating on Mermaid Chart? We’ve all got a lot on our plates at work. Many teams are looking for simple wins: little time-saving moments that help them regain time and effort for more strategic work. That’s exactly what the Comments feature is designed to facilitate!

If you’re new to Mermaid Chart, here’s a quick summary: we’ve built a diagramming platform on top of Mermaid, the popular open-source tool. Our team is comprised of the founding members of the Mermaid project, and we’re determined to build upon Mermaid’s foundation by providing enterprise teams with unique features and integrations to enhance their workplace communication.

Create your free account to check out our Comments feature — and all the other collaboration benefits of Mermaid Chart. Happy conversating!