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Mermaid Chart Announces Visual Studio Code Plugin to Simplify Development Workflows

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New Integration Enhances Workflows By Enabling Developers To Reference And Edit Diagrams Within Visual Studio Code.

SAN FRANSISCO – JULY 17, 2023 – Mermaid Chart, the pioneer in collaborative text-to-diagramming tools, announced the release of its highly-anticipated Visual Studio Code plugin, seamlessly integrating Mermaid Chart into coding workflows. The Mermaid Chart extension for Visual Studio Code simplifies viewing, editing, and updating Mermaid diagrams directly within the editor.

Traditionally, developers have faced challenges when it comes to incorporating diagrams into their workflow. Mermaid Chart’s Visual Studio Code plugin aims to streamline the process by providing developers with seamless integration with Visual Studio Code. By eliminating the need to store diagrams externally, developers can now easily reference and visualize diagrams within their code, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

“We’re on a mission to spark developer creativity and foster collaboration using diagrams," said Knut Sveidqvist, creator of Mermaid, and founder and CTO of Mermaid Chart. “With our VS Code plugin, we’re putting the magic back in diagramming by simplifying the development workflow.”

With the VS Code plugin, developers can attach diagrams to their code to easily access them both for viewing and editing. This streamlines the diagramming process and ensures a smooth and efficient experience while working on projects.

Key features of Mermaid Chart’s VS Code Plug-In include:

  • Seamless Workflows: Enhance your code by incorporating diagrams directly into your codebase, featuring a prominent icon in the footer.
  • Multiple Editing Options: Access two links per diagram: one to view the diagram in a new Visual Studio Code tab, and another to edit it using Mermaid Chart.
  • Real-Time Editing: Effortlessly consume and update diagrams in real-time, allowing for smooth adjustments whenever needed.

Mermaid Chart aims to transform the way developers collaborate, harnessing the power of visuals to enhance communication and problem-solving within development teams. Continued adoption has positioned Mermaid Chart as the go-to collaboration tool for text-based diagrams, reinforcing the game-changing impact of Mermaid Chart’s VS Code plugin in the developer community.

To learn more about the VS Code plugin, visit:

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Mermaid Chart is a collaboration platform for text-based diagrams, process design and certification that helps development teams improve their documentation process and communicate more efficiently. Mermaid Chart offers solutions on top of and in alignment with Mermaid, the award-winning open-source diagramming and charting tool built by the company’s founders. The Mermaid Chart platform allows development teams to remove the clumsy design layer by creating complex diagrams based on markdown-style code – and includes features for improved editing, real-time collaboration, simplified sharing and version control. Discover a smarter way to create diagrams at

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