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Mermaid Chart’s ChatGPT Plugin Combines Generative AI and Smart Diagramming For Users

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Mermaid Chart’s new ChatGPT plugin integrates AI-powered text prompts with Mermaid’s intuitive diagramming editor, enabling users to generate, edit, and share complex diagrams with ease and efficiency.

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm. And we’re joining the movement.

We’re combining the power of Mermaid Chart and ChatGPT with our Mermaid Chart plugin for ChatGPT.

Now, users can easily generate Mermaid diagrams in ChatGPT using simple prompts — and jump right into Mermaid Chart to fine-tune their visuals with our text-based diagramming editor.

An illustration of the ChatGPT plugin store.
An illustration of the ChatGPT plugin store.

How it works #

After installing the plugin, you simply need to include prompts that generate Mermaid diagrams.

For example, by using prompts like “Create a state diagram showing the states of a stereo”, “Draw a timeline of World War II”, or “Make a flowchart showing the process of making tea”, you can effortlessly generate text-based diagrams right within your conversation.

A diagram in the ChatGPT chat.
A diagram in the ChatGPT chat.

Once the diagram has been generated, you can easily continue editing in Mermaid Chart. The ChatGPT plugin helps get your diagram to a great starting point, and you can jump right into the Mermaid Chart platform to fine-tune and finalize your visual.

With our newly-released Teams feature, you now have the ability to easily share your charts with other members of your team, eliminating the hassle of managing multiple versions of the same documentation.

Teams is designed to streamline collaboration. Users can seamlessly collaborate within organizations, ensuring secure access to both projects and individual diagrams. Say goodbye to scattered files and fragmented communication – Teams is tailor-made to enhance teamwork and boost productivity.

Collaborators can access and contribute to projects effortlessly, promoting real-time collaboration and eliminating the need for manual synchronization. With shared access, team members can work together harmoniously, creating a centralized hub for all project-related diagrams.

The power of ChatGPT + Mermaid Chart #

Diagramming should be fun again. And what better way to make it fun than with ChatGPT.

Key benefits include:

Leverage the power of generative AI. Use Chat GPT’s vast knowledge base to kickstart your productivity. Not only does ChatGPT give you a starting point for the syntax of your diagrams, it also pulls information from the web to start populating the content of your diagram for you.

Continue editing in Mermaid Chart in seconds. ChatGPT might not create the perfect diagram in one go, but it will give you a great starting point. The plugin allows you to pull the generated diagram right into Mermaid Chart, so you can make edits — and share your diagram with team members for multi-user editing — with just a few clicks.

Fewer lengthy explanations, and more streamlined communication. With ChatGPT and Mermaid Chart, you can convey ideas with visual clarity, saving time and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Simplify your workflow and enhance your efficiency. The plugin empowers you to create professional-looking visuals without the need for complex design tools. Diagrams help boost productivity and increase your team’s communication

Who should use our ChatGPT plugin? #

Mermaid Chart is a powerful collaboration tool that brings teams together, regardless of their location. The ChatGPT integration only increases the potential for teamwork!

With features like team editing and commenting, we help professionals save time, reduce errors, and foster a strong sense of community. Whether you’re a developer, salesperson, or project manager, Mermaid Chart simplifies diagram creation, enhances communication, and streamlines collaboration for seamless teamwork.

And the best part is, you don’t have to be an expert coder. The ChatGPT plugin can help generate the starting point for your diagram’s code, so all you have to do is make small tweaks to get to a final product.

  1. IT Professionals: Mermaid Chart is here to make UML diagram creation a breeze. Our ChatGPT plugin makes it a piece of cake to kickstart your diagrams and continue editing in the Mermaid Chart platform.

  2. Distributed Teams: Mermaid Chart has your back when it comes to collaborating with teams spread across different locations. With our Teams and multi-user editing features, team members can work on the same diagram simultaneously.

  3. Operations: Looking to communicate your processes clearly to other teams and stakeholders? Mermaid Chart and ChatGPT are here to help.

  4. Sales: Mermaid Chart is a salespersons’ go-to tool for documenting processes with ease. You can quickly share your diagrams with clients using the image export feature.

  5. Process Work: Thanks to our ChatGPT plugin, process workers can now communicate clearly with other teams, stakeholders, and clients, leaving no room for confusion.

Try it out today #

No more juggling different versions of diagrams or struggling to communicate complex concepts.

Our plugin empowers users to collaborate and exchange ideas, fostering a seamless flow of information from ChatGPT to Mermaid Chart, and beyond.

Ready to get started? Visit the ChatGPT plugin store to download the Mermaid Chart plugin. ChatGPT plugins are available to all ChatGPT Plus users.

Want to experience everything Mermaid Chart has to offer? We’re offering a 14-day free trial of the newly-launched Pro tier for everyone to experience the power of Mermaid Chart. Sign up today.