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Introducing Mermaid Chart, the Next Evolution in Smart Diagramming

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STOCKHOLM – MAY 23, 2023 – Mermaid Chart, the pioneer in collaborative text-to-diagramming tools, today officially launched as a company. The Mermaid Chart platform will dramatically enhance the award-winning, open-source diagramming and charting tool Mermaid to help users create diagrams from text across industries, use cases, and verticals. Mermaid Chart’s new collaboration tools allow individuals and teams to work in alignment on text-based diagrams to enhance visibility, reduce errors and ultimately provide a more seamless understanding of a project, process, or diagram.

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“Mermaid was built upon the idea that documentation shouldn’t be a clunky, boring process,” said Knut Sveidqvist, creator of Mermaid, and founder and CTO of Mermaid Chart. “Mermaid Chart brings this idea to life – allowing more collaboration and version control while making diagramming fun again.”

More than 2,400 users have already joined Mermaid Chart, with most users spending significant amounts of time on the platform. The platform’s roots are in the development community, but Mermaid Chart is being used by individuals across professions to communicate through visuals and diagrams. The thousands of existing Mermaid users can now seamlessly use Mermaid Chart to simplify the sharing of ideas, minimize version control, and further enhance productivity.

Diagramming alone is no longer a viable option for disparate enterprise teams. Today, teams need a more robust documentation tool that allows them to communicate and collaborate in real time. Mermaid Chart was started with the sole purpose of improving the foundational elements of Mermaid – which boasts 50,000+ stars, integrations with GitLab, GitHub, Notion, and Obsidian, and is used by over 12,000 repositories on GitHub – and making them more beneficial and accessible for both development teams and the enterprise.

Features include:

  • Team-based collaboration: The newly-released Teams feature allows for sharing across the user base, eliminating the need for several versions of the same documentation.
  • Simple organization: Teams and users roll up into organizations, with secure access to both projects and individual diagrams – tailor-made for collaboration.
  • Smart documentation: Text-based diagramming simplifies the documentation process, giving users the ability to easily create diagrams from text.
  • UML diagramming: Mermaid Chart has powerful built-in functionality for UML diagramming for IT professionals, making it easy to create complex, detailed diagrams.

“Mermaid is the miracle that ensures that the diagram and text description of a flow is one single source of truth,” said OCV General Partner Sid Sijbrandij. “This is the future of presenting, verifying, and collaborating on workflows and I couldn’t be more proud to support Mermaid Chart.”

Development teams use Mermaid Chart to help remove the clumsy design layer of diagramming, collaborate on the same diagram simultaneously and improve their documentation workflows. But Mermaid Chart doesn’t stop at the development community. Anyone that wants to communicate ideas visually – marketers, IT professionals, educators, distributed teams, etc – can create diagrams with markdown-style code instead of clicking and dragging.

Continued adoption has positioned Mermaid Chart as the go-to collaboration tool for text-based diagrams. Mermaid Chart has both free and paid options for individuals and teams to meet the needs of hobbyists and the enterprise.

Mermaid Chart is currently offering a 14-day free trial of the newly-launched Pro tier for everyone to experience the power of Mermaid Chart. To learn more and sign up for a 14-day free trial, visit:

To discover a smarter way to create diagrams, visit:


Mermaid Chart is a collaboration platform for text-based diagrams, process design and certification that helps development teams improve their documentation process and communicate more efficiently. Mermaid Chart offers solutions on top of and in alignment with Mermaid, the award-winning open-source diagramming and charting tool built by the company’s founders. The Mermaid Chart platform allows development teams to remove the clumsy design layer by creating complex diagrams based on markdown-style code – and includes features for improved editing, real-time collaboration, simplified sharing and version control. Discover a smarter way to create diagrams at