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Mermaid Chart officially launched with sharable diagram links and presentation mode

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Exciting news for all Mermaid OSS fans: Mermaid Chart has officially launched with Mermaid Chart! We’re excited to bring more features, resources, and fun to the Mermaid project with the launch of Mermaid Chart'.

With Mermaid Chart’s sharable diagram links, you can easily share your diagrams with external users from the project view of your personal diagrams. Simply click on “Share diagram” and you’ll be provided with a URL of the rendered diagram. This functionality is just the first step towards enabling collaboration on diagrams within Mermaid Chart.

An illustration of the preview panel and the sharable link.
An illustration of the preview panel and the sharable link.

Presentation mode #

Presentation mode is a new feature in Mermaid Chart that allows you to group a number of diagrams into a presentation. With Presentation mode, you can share your diagrams with others as a cohesive presentation, making it easier to collaborate and communicate your ideas effectively.

An illustration of a presentation screen in
An illustration of a presentation screen in

Introducing Mermaid Chart #

Mermaid Chart builds on top of the open-source project Mermaid that simplifies the process of writing technical documentation. Mermaid Chart is taking this one step further by providing additional development and resources to the project, making it possible to work with Mermaid professionally. And the best part? The core functionality of Mermaid will remain open source.

I have been in the software industry for over 20 years and have a passion for good documentation. I created Mermaid to make it more fun and efficient to write technical documentation. The founding of Mermaid Chart is another step of that journey. Our team consists of six passionate developers who love open source projects. Many of us are already active contributors to the Mermaid open source project and help Mermaid Chart to be a major supporter of the project.

The company officially launched last fall with the support of Open Core Ventures.

Mermaid Chart pricing #

Mermaid Chart is launching with two pricing tiers, Free and Individual. The Free tier is free forever and includes a limit of five diagrams and essential features. The Individual tier costs $4 per user per month (or $40 annually) and includes unlimited diagrams, shareable diagram links, and presentation mode.

An illustration of the available tiers at
An illustration of the available tiers at

Mermaid Chart will soon release additional tiers for Team and Enterprise, with features such as collaborative editing, revision history, comments, two-factor authentication, multiple teams, and more.

By using Mermaid Chart’s commercial services, you can help to support the Mermaid open-source project and give it funding to add more developers and continue improving the platform.