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New AI chatbot now available on Mermaid Chart to simplify text-based diagram creation

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Introducing Mermaid Chart’s new AI chatbot, a diagramming assistant that simplifies text-based diagram creation for everyone, from developers to educators, offering features to start, edit, and fix diagrams, and embodying our vision to make diagramming accessible, user-friendly, and fun.

We know how easy it is to create diagrams from code – and now we want the world to experience it, too.

We recently launched our ChatGPT plugin, making it easier than ever to create text-based diagrams.

But we don’t want to stop there.

Introducing our AI chatbot – your diagramming assistant!

Our AI chatbot is embedded into the Mermaid Chart platform to help jumpstart the diagramming process. You can ask our bot to create a diagram, edit a diagram, or rectify an issue – all without leaving Mermaid Chart.

For those of you who are familiar with Mermaid Chart, you know that we’re committed to helping people express themselves through diagrams, whether it’s flowcharts, pie charts, sequencing diagrams, user journeys, Gantt charts, or more.

We’ve made it easy to create these visuals from simple code, and with our new AI chatbot, we’re taking this to the next level. The Mermaid Chart chatbot offers help for any use case, whether you’re a developer hoping to fix a complex diagram, a non-coding marketer looking to generate a starting point for your next visual, or anyone in between.

How our AI chatbot works #

Our AI chatbot is your virtual assistant for turning text descriptions into compelling diagrams. No more struggling to translate your thoughts into visual representations manually.

Instead, you can now ask our chatbot to create a diagram for you, and within seconds, you’ll have a diagram and corresponding code to work with.

With our chatbot, you can…

  • Start a diagram: Ask the bot to create a diagram to give you inspiration
  • Edit a diagram: Update the diagram layout, colors, and more
  • Fix a diagram: If your code is broken, our bot can help try to fix it

Designed for everyone #

You don’t need to be a developer to make the most of our AI chatbot. Whether you’re a marketer, educator, project manager, or anyone who needs to convey ideas visually, the chatbot is here to simplify the process.

It’s all about making diagram creation accessible and user-friendly, regardless of your background or skill level. Designing flowcharts and other visuals can be incredibly time-consuming, whether you’re working in PowerPoint, Canva or any other program.

Thanks to the power of generative AI, you can quickly create appealing diagrams without opening another program or writing hundreds of lines of code.

Consider the following:

  • Developers: Coding may be in developers’ blood, but our AI chatbot can help to streamline those pesky errors. Instead of parsing through hundreds of lines of code to fix an issue, let our AI chatbot diagnose it for you.
  • Educators: All educators know that visual aids enhance student comprehension, making learning engaging and accessible. From scientific processes to historical timelines, our AI chatbot adds an interactive layer to educational materials.
  • Consultants: The AI chatbot is a boon for professionals analyzing data and devising strategic recommendations. By transforming data-driven insights into straightforward charts and graphs, you can now effectively communicate findings to stakeholders.
  • Project Managers: Project managers, now you can easily ask our bot to whip up project plans and Gantt to easily showcase timelines, timelines, workflows, and dependencies.

Have you found a unique way to use Mermaid Chart? Let us know!

Enhanced collaboration and sharing #

Collaboration is a crucial aspect of any successful project.

With our AI chatbot, collaborating becomes even more seamless. You can invite team members to join you in real-time editing sessions. This feature ensures that everyone is on the same page and minimizes issues and misunderstandings.

Sharing your creations has also never been easier. The diagrams generated by the AI chatbot can be effortlessly shared with colleagues, clients, or stakeholders. Plus, we’ve incorporated version control to help you keep track of changes and revert to previous versions whenever necessary.

Embracing AI to make diagramming fun again #

At Mermaid Chart, we envision a world where ideas, concepts, and processes are effortlessly conveyed through diagrams, fostering deeper understanding and collaboration across diverse fields.

Our AI chatbot represents a step forward in simplifying the process of creating diagrams from text. It’s a testament to our mission of making diagramming fun again by providing you with an easy-to-use platform that meets your diagramming needs.

We are committed to driving this transformation, enabling everyone to create diagrams that help seamlessly communicate complex information. The chatbot is a great example of how you can use AI tools to brainstorm ideas, push forward when you get stuck, and become more efficient.

You’ll ultimately provide the creativity and direction, but Mermaid Chart’s new chatbot is here to help make diagramming a little more fun.

Ready to give it a try? Upgrade to a 14-day free trial of our Pro plan and experience the power of AI when creating diagrams today.