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Mermaid Chart GPT Is Now Available In the GPT Store!

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At Mermaid Chart, we’re all about making diagramming as easy and accessible as possible.

That’s why we’ve created the Mermaid Chart GPT — a custom version of ChatGPT that combines the power of Generative AI with the smart diagramming features native to Mermaid Chart.

The Mermaid Chart official GPT is now available in the GPT store for users of ChatGPT Plus, Team, and Enterprise.

Let’s dive a little deeper:

Benefits of using Mermaid Chart GPT #

If you’re thinking to yourself, “That sounds cool, but why would I need it?”….then just keep reading!

Start smarter: Sometimes, you just need a kickstart. Generative AI is usually a great tool to help you get to a first draft, and the Mermaid Chart GPT is no different. The GPT will give you a starting point for the syntax of your diagram and will pull information from the web to start populating the content of your diagram, too.

Tinker less: If you could produce the same (or better) result with fewer clicks, wouldn’t you? That’s the thinking behind our custom GPT. You’ll spend less time clicking or coding, and more time making sure your diagram efficiently communicates the right information for your use case.

Fine-tune and finalize in Mermaid Chart: The custom GPT makes it easy to jump right into the Mermaid Chart platform. There’s no need to export your visual or try to replicate it; you’ll be able to start immediately from whatever ChatGPT produces. This gives you the chance to put your personal stamp on the syntax, design, and content of your visual.

How to get started with Mermaid Chart GPT #


Using the Mermaid Chart GPT is easy:

1. Locate the Mermaid Chart GPT #

Click this link to head straight to the Mermaid Chart GPT.

Alternatively, you can head on over to the GPT search screen within ChatGPT. This is where you can find various custom versions of ChatGPT. Type “Mermaid Chart” in the search bar and select it from the dropdown menu.


2. Install the GPT #

Click “Install.” Now you’re ready to start integrating Mermaid Chart within your ChatGPT environment and using the power of AI.

3. Harness the power of Mermaid Chart GPT #

To start using the feature, simply incorporate prompts into your ChatGPT conversations to generate Mermaid diagrams. For example, you can ask ChatGPT to “Create a State diagram showing the states of a radio”, or “Draw a flowchart explaining the process of making a chocolate cake.”

ChatGPT will quickly generate a diagram. In many cases, this represents a great starting point; you’ll continue refining your visual within the Mermaid Chart platform. You can quickly jump back into our diagramming editor to fine-tune and finalize.

Sometimes, the hardest part of building a diagram is getting started. Mermaid Chart’s custom GPT helps remove this layer to give you more time to focus on important work.

Start diagramming dynamically with the Mermaid Chart #

Mermaid Chart’s GPT helps you wield the power of Generative AI in your diagram-making workflows.

To get started, you’ll need to create your free Mermaid Chart account, which allows users to build five diagrams and use all of our plugins. And if you want to truly harness the power of Mermaid Chart, our Pro tier begins at $80/year. With the Pro plan, you’ll gain access to unlimited diagrams, Mermaid Chart’s AI chatbot, multi-user editing, and more.

It’s time to stop stressing over diagrams and design details. Check out Mermaid Chart to re-discover the fun of diagramming.