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How to Use Mermaid Chart as an AI Diagram Generator

·5 mins

Would an AI diagram generator make your life easier? We think it would!

Building diagrams to complement your code has historically been viewed as a time thief.

Developers are using artificial intelligence (AI) to bring greater efficiency to every part of their day. So why not use AI to help make the process of creating, editing, and maintaining diagrams a little bit easier?

Mermaid Chart is excited to unveil a host of AI features, including our AI Chatbot and an integration with ChatGPT.

We built Mermaid Chart as a platform on top of Mermaid the open-source text-to-diagramming tool. Our team leaned into Mermaid’s award-winning workflow that’s allowed thousands of developers to render diagrams from simple code. Now, we’re continuing to add functionality (such as our AI-powered tools) to Mermaid Chart to make the user experience as easy and fun as possible.

Your search for an AI diagram generator stops here. Let’s explore how Mermaid Chart’s new AI features can help you build effective diagrams more efficiently than ever:

Why you need an AI diagram generator — and other AI diagram tools #

Working with Mermaid AI can help you in a variety of ways:

  • Helping you get started: Oftentimes, the hardest part about building a diagram is getting started. Our AI tools can help you build a baseline visual to which you can add more specific details.
  • Working more efficiently: When you can take some of the burden of diagramming off your plate, you’ll be able to return to your code more quickly. That means more time for high-level, strategic work.
  • Quick fixes for bugs and errors: Using the “Repair Diagram” feature of our AI chatbot (more on that later!), you can more easily find those frustrating syntax errors that might be stopping your diagram from rendering properly.

Understanding Mermaid Chart’s AI tools #

Let’s discuss Mermaid Chart’s essential AI tools - the AI chatbot and our ChatGPT integration.

AI Chatbot #

Mermaid Chart’s AI Chatbot is a lot like a virtual assistant.

The AI Chatbot is embedded into the Mermaid Chart platform to help users jumpstart the diagramming process. Pro users can access the AI Chatbot through the Mermaid Chart editor. You can use the bot to…

  • Start a diagram: Ask the bot to create a diagram to give you inspiration
  • Edit a diagram: Update the diagram layout, colors, and more
  • Repair a diagram: If your code is broken, our bot can help try to fix it

Just click the Chat icon in the left sidebar menu of the editor to recruit help from your personal AI assistant.

ChatGPT Integration #

The ChatGPT integration is another great perk. Free and Paid users with ChatGPT Plus can access the Mermaid Chart plugin and then continue editing the generated diagram within the editor.

You can easily generate Mermaid diagrams in ChatGPT using simple prompts — and jump right into Mermaid Chart to fine-tune your visual with our text-based diagramming editor.

Simply install the plugin, and then give ChatGPT a prompt that generates a Mermaid diagram.

Let’s consider some examples. Using prompts such as “Create a state diagram showing the states of a stereo”, “Draw a timeline of World War II”, or “Make a flowchart showing the process of making tea” will generate a ready-made diagram right in your conversation.

This often gives users a great starting point that can kickstart their diagramming process. From there, you can easily continue editing in the Mermaid Chart platform.

Other Places to Access Mermaid AI #

Beyond the AI Chatbot and ChatGPT integration keep an eye out for two other access points for our AI features:

  • On the diagrams grid page, there is a button that will open a modal to generate a diagram
  • On the diagrams grid page, inside the diagram preview panel, there is a summary field with AI functionality

Check them all out to continue innovating with your diagrams.

5 prompts to try with Mermaid Chart AI #

Here are five ways to use the Mermaid AI chatbot while building your diagrams. You can slightly tweak the language to fit the context of your diagram:

  • Add the nodes “Continue and Evaluate” into a group
  • Highlight the node Continue with an orange background with white text
  • Add a new node “Option 4" and create a link from Evaluate to it
  • Change the node Start to a circle shape
  • Add an edge from Start to Evaluate

As you can see, the AI chatbot can help you save time and build your diagrams more efficiently.

Getting started with the AI diagram generator tools in Mermaid Chart #

If you haven’t already, you can click here to create your free Mermaid Chart account. A plan on the Free tier enables you to build five diagrams and use all of our plugins. A Pro plan – which includes access to all of our AI tools — starts at just $80/year.

If you’re looking for an AI diagram generator and some additional support from your own AI diagramming assistant, Mermaid Chart is here to help. We’re just getting started with our helpful AI-enabled tools, so stay tuned for more developments coming soon!

Looking to use AI to help you make effective diagrams more efficiently? Sign up for free with Mermaid Chart.