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5 Reasons You Should Be Using Mermaid Chart As Your Diagram Generator

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Mermaid Chart, a user-friendly, code-based diagram generator with AI integrations, templates, collaborative tools, and plugins for developers, streamlines the process of creating and sharing diagrams, enhancing both creativity and collaboration.

What do you look for in your diagram generator tool?

If we had to guess, you’re probably looking for something that’s easy to use, doesn’t require advanced graphic design skills, and has helpful integrations (and AI features) to help you build your diagrams faster.

That’s what Mermaid Chart offers in a nutshell. Best of all, you can get started for free with Mermaid Chart in just a few clicks.

Mermaid Chart is a platform built on top of Mermaid, the open-source text-to-diagramming tool. The Mermaid Chart team, which includes original members of the Mermaid project, leaned into Mermaid’s award-winning workflow that enables developers to render diagrams from simple code. We’re continuously adding new features and functionality to Mermaid Chart in our quest to make diagramming easy and, wait for it… fun!

Whether you’re a developer looking for diagrams to complement your software development efforts or a non-technical associate seeking a better way to present information to your teams and clients — Mermaid Chart can work for you. Let’s discuss five reasons why Mermaid Chart should be your diagram generator of choice:

1. Build diagrams from simple code. #

A snapshot of the Mermaid Chart Editor

Many of the tools used for building diagrams are design-heavy. If you’re using a graphical user interface (GUI) program such as Canva or PowerPoint, you’ll spend most of your time clicking, dragging, and drawing. Instead of making sure the content of the diagram is clear and comprehensive, you’re probably spending more time on colors and formatting.

Mermaid Chart is a diagram generator that relies on simple code. Users can type up their code on the left side of the editor, and Mermaid Chart will render the diagram for them. Every update you make to the code is mirrored in the design. No need to be an artist!

2. Use templates and Code Snippets to get started — fast. #

A snapshot of a grid view with thumbnails of Mermaid Diagrams

Sometimes, the hardest part about building a diagram is getting started. Mermaid Chart features a collection of 29 different Sample Diagrams in different formats: flow charts, class, state, mindmap, quadrant charts, etc. These templates give you a starting point for the rest of your activities in the diagram generator.

Code Snippets help the efficiency continue once you’ve selected your diagram. These snippets allow Mermaid Chart users to insert any shape, node, edge, or arrow they need — directly into their diagrams. Users can drag and drop, copy/paste, or insert their elements with the + sign.

3. Speed up your process with AI diagram generator tools. #

The ChatGPT Market place showing the Mermaid Chart Plugin

Mermaid Chart offers two major AI tools to complement its diagram generator: an AI Chatbot and a ChatGPT integration.

The AI Chatbot, available to Pro users through the Mermaid Chart editor, helps users jumpstart the diagramming process. You can use the bot to… Create a diagram: Ask the bot to build a diagram that can act as a starting point Make edits: Update the diagram layout, colors, and more Fix your diagram: If your code is broken, the bot can try to fix it

The ChatGPT integration is also available to Free and Paid users with ChatGPT Plus. Once you’ve installed the Mermaid Chart plugin, you can give ChatGPT a prompt that generates a Mermaid Diagram. You can then jump right into Mermaid Chart to fine-tune and tweak your visual.

These AI tools are meant to help remove some of the manual work of creating your own diagrams from scratch.

4. Simplify collaboration with your team. #

The team listing in Mermaid Chart
Users on the Pro tier now can conduct a multi-user editing session with colleagues — even those outside of your organization. It’s similar to a “Google Docs” workflow.

With Mermaid Chart, it’s also easy to save and share your work. The “save icon” on the left side of the editor includes buttons to save and export your diagram as a PNG, SVG, or MMD file.

If you’re a Pro user, you can generate a shareable diagram link to communicate with the rest of your team. There is also a share link in the header of the app, which opens a modal with options:

  • diagram access (restrict to team members or allow anyone with the link to preview the diagram)
  • editor link
  • SVG link.

Additionally, the platform includes a Presentations feature, where can combine different diagrams into a slideshow to screen share with colleagues. Forget about downloading images and making your own slideshow – Mermaid Chart makes it easy.

5. Bring your diagrams closer to your code. #

A view from an editor with an embedded Mermaid Diagram
Developers know: the shorter the distance between your code and your diagram, the better!

Mermaid Chart’s Visual Studio Code plugin and JetBrains IDEA extension enable users to view, edit, and update diagrams within their code editor.

The VS Code plugin gives you the ability to attach diagrams to your code for easy viewing and editing. Diagrams can be incorporated directly into your codebase. The Visual Studio Code plugin offers two links per diagram: one to view the diagram in a new Visual Studio Code tab, and another to make edits within Mermaid Chart.

The Mermaid Chart extension for JetBrains IDEs enables developers to view and edit diagrams stored in Mermaid Chart within the IDE. With integration to the Mermaid Chart service, this extension allows users to attach diagrams to their code.

Do these tools and features sound helpful? If so, we’d encourage you to give Mermaid Chart a try as your diagram generator – for free!

The Free plan allows users to create five diagrams and use all available plugins. Meanwhile, the Pro plan, which begins at $80/year, adds even more functionality.

Building diagrams should be easy and fun. Our easy, innovative diagram generator can help unlock your creativity and collaboration!

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